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  Vote for ESTELLE PANAGAKOS on November 5!
I have been a resident of Vero Beach for 40+ years. The people, the pace of life, and of course the ocean and beaches make it a wonderful place to live. But our city is facing several crossroads in the upcoming years that demand our attention.

Centennial Place. The greatest challenge is for the removal of the water and power plants to create Centennial Place in a way that benefits the residents. This must include full remediation of hazardous and toxic wastes above ground, in the soil, and in the water.

What replaces them needs to feature open sightlines to the ocean; no high rise buildings! I would like to see the 35 acres redeveloped to include ocean-related venues such as an educational science museum, aquarium, a marina with restaurants.

Clean Water. Indian River is a central tourist and resident gem that is seriously polluted. We end to clean it up, particularly the Lagoon. To keep it clean and enable the growth of healthy seagrass, we must prevent runoff of hazardous lawn treatments and impose other restrictions for the good of the Lagoon and the citizens who use it. And residents need to police the beach and water to remove plastics that leach chemicals. The Lagoon, like the Atlantic Ocean, is our birthright, and we simply cannot repeat the same mistakes that have burdened our beachfront

First Responders. I want the council to make sure that these groups—police, firefighters, EMTs, etc.— are being paid salary and benefits that are commensurate to those in similar jurisdictions.

Parking. There have been many suggestions for improving parking on beach side.  I am firmly opposed to parking meters.  I do think that we should institute parking similar to Sexton Drive and Humiston Park, which would include construction of a median along Cardinal Drive. Also we need to keep reminding hotel and restaurant owners that they should provide and encourage the use of employee parking that is not located on Ocean Drive or Cardinal Drive

A city council needs members like me who know how to relate to people. I have 30 years of experience working with school parents and their children, and another four years as a parole officer. 
Vero Beach is our home. Yours and mine. If we treat it right, it will give us pleasure for years to come.
Please vote ESTELLE PANAGAKOS for City Council on November 5

I’d love to hear from you. Write me at

Estelle Panagakos
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